This page is about 2Mynds and it is a shorter version of the blog post that you can find here. 2Mynds is an approach to mental fitness training that integrates functional meditation with physical exercises to create mind-body workouts.

Mind-body training

The type of training that was created by 2Mynds to develop and maintain mental fitness is also called ‘mind-body training’ or MBT. 2Mynds is not the first to use this term, but the way mental and physical exercise flows are used in the workouts is unique. 2Mynds MBT is therefore not just a mix of mental and physical exercises, but a method that you can learn to apply.

2Mynds MBT - training at Eagle Fustar

There is a specific start and finish and a specific order of progressions. Although you can an MBT session as long or short as you want, it has set components in a set order. The main training consists of one or more mind and an equal number of body components in which the focus is either on a predominantly mental or a predominantly physical skill. The training often ends with an external awareness exercise or transition exercises to get you ready for what’s beyond the MBT: life, sports, school, or work.