Move your mind

Functional meditation is a modern approach to meditation. It involves evaluating, learning, training, and applying mental skills. It may remind you of mindfulness meditations, but it’s more systematic and progresses exercises from learning to training and eventually to functional applications. It follows a step-by-step path to developing calmness, relaxation, clarity, performance, and focus and follows the steps in a fun and functional way.

Meditation is too often see as something serious, something difficult, something therapeutic, something for quiet rooms. Nothing could be further from the truth, at least when it comes to functional meditation. Meditation should be a fun part of life (seriously fun), should be easy (it is), should come naturally (it will happen naturally if you let it) and applies to movement as much as to being still.

The book “Functional Meditation” is a concise and practical guide to functional meditation and will be out soon. Meanwhile, we’ll drip feed it’s content now and then on this site and via the 2Mynds site.