Personal or group sessions

I provide personal as well as group-based mind-body training sessions. This is very much like a physical training sessions, except that the exercises will focus on the interplay between your mind and your body, rather than mainly on your body. 

Personal sessions

Personal sessions are one-on-one and they can either be one hour and in a functional environment (on the tennis court, golf course, soccer field) or 30 minutes and focused on the skill development via a workout. Neither will contain much talking, although I often start and end the one-hour sessions with some planning and evaluation. My time is extremely limited, so please only contact me for personal sessions if you are motivated to put in the work. The general rates are shown below and discount are available for multi-session bundles. Payments can be made online or in person. I expect every person I work with personally to get PRO access to 2Mynds and be open to work independently via the 2Mynds platform, in addition to my sessions.

Personal Mind-Body Training
60 minutes
Regular price $145
Integrated in your sports
Links training to performance
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2Mynds Pro Package
2Mynds Pro access with training
Regular price $425
Pro access to 2Mynds platform
Two hours of personal training
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Group sessions

I do various group-based events, ranging from meditations, mind-body workouts, 2Mynds themed workshops, and functional (tennis) clinics that include mind-body training components. The prices vary, depending on the time and location. Please contact me for details.